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As our garden sizes decrease, more people are opting to bring the outdoors in. The living décor that is indoor houseplants can completely change the look of an indoor space, as well as provide a multitude of health benefits.


Plants delivered with care from our door to yours!

Hey Greenthumb, looking for a new soulplant? We update our rare and exotic indoor plant and succulent varieties weekly, so make sure you check back regularly to buy house plants online because you will definitely find your perfect match! The plants will be delivered to your door.


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Looking for that ‘green unicorn’?

We often acquire one off, ultra rare plants available only via auction to the most discerning of plant collectors. Let the games begin!


Rare & exotic plants

Limited stock of hard-to-find indoor plants.

#workfromhome Plants

Looking for a plant to brighten up your desk (or kitchen table)? Check out our Home-OR-Office edit.

D2D Plant Parties

Host a D2D Plant Party and let the jungle come to you.

We ship High Quality HousePlants from our door to yours

Our team is made up of qualified horticulturalists with over 30 years’ experience in the industry – not only do we love plants, but we can provide advice and guidance on all things plant related.

All of our plants are shipped with a D2D Care Card so you can ensure you are taking the best possible care of your new plant from day one.

We ship our plants in their pots

(Because they are happiest that way!) Our custom box design ensures plants can survive long distance travel in a variety of conditions and still deliver safe and happy at your doorstep.

Every plant is packaged with love and shipped with the utmost care from our door to yours.

We love all our Plant Breeders & Suppliers – big + small!

At Door2Door Plants we pride ourselves on building solid relationships with plant breeders and suppliers world-wide to ensure we can source the best quality rare and exotic plants for you.

We are passionate about supporting growers of all shapes and sizes – some of our products are sourced from large growers, some from small growers and some are even homegrown by us in our own nursery!

Can’t find the plant you’re looking for?

We work closely with a number of growers around the country to source rare and exotic plants – so if you have an extra special plant on your mind, we’ll do our best to find it!

Want to turn your space into an indoor jungle?

We can source established indoor plants and pots for your indoor space – and we can even give you a few pointers about what plants work well for your space.

Need some unique corporate gifts?

Flowers are so last year! We work closely with businesses and brands to provide memorable living plant gifts suitable for every occasion.

We want a green future for our planet

At Door2Door Plants we are committed to sustainability and want to do our bit to ensure the future of our planet is green and beautiful. Wherever possible we:

Ship plants in recycled plastic pots

Use only ecofriendly fungicides and pesticides

Use packaging made from recycled materials

Choose 100% carbon neutral or offset carbon shipping

Featured Plants

Make your friends green with envy. Our featured plants are unbe-leaf-able!

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Collecting The Best Indoor And Rare Plants In Melbourne, Australia

Collecting The Best Indoor And Rare Plants In Melbourne, Australia

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How To Look After Your Chain Of Hearts Variegated plant

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D2D Plant Parties

The best way to shop plants is with friends. Host a D2D Plant Party and let the jungle come to you.


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