We Love Philodendron cordatum – the ‘Cirque du Soleil’ Foliage Plant.

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We’re putting the spotlight on the gorgeous Philodendron cordatum, otherwise known as the Heart Philodendron or Totem pole plant.

In addition to its amazing ability to adapt to many different scenarios, it is also an epiphyte – which means it doesn’t just grow in the ground. This evolutionary trait allows the plant to grow off of trees (without being a parasite), so that it could avoid the dark forest floor and reach the sunlight higher up.

The Philodendron cordatum is an underrated show stopper that can grow happily in a pot on your counter. It can be trimmed into shape and can grow up a 1.8m pole (totem pole), creating a dense column of foliage.

If you prefer, you can grow it over any shaped trellis to fill the interior spaces in your home. It can even grow in the trendy, hanging moss balls or in a beautiful, teardrop hanging glass planter.

Lastly, it’s IDEAL for most states in Australia (Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales & Victoria) in your home, restaurant or office because it does superbly in low light, bright natural light and even bright fluorescent light conditions.


This beauty will create lush spaces with a romantic, tropical style. You don’t have to restrict her performance to the interior as she will gladly entertain on a verandah or balcony as she is resistant to the wind (from all the wolf whistles no doubt).

As any style savvy girl knows a haircut is important. You can control or shape Miss Philo’s growth using pruners or scissors.

Philodendron cordatum close up of leaf


Not wanting to be overwhelmed by the plant paparazzi, Miss Philo is happiest indoors with bright light but not direct rays of sunlight on her leaves. Such sensible girl. Her growth pattern will follow the light so rotate Miss Philo’s pot every 2 or 3 days to ensure even growth and no slanting. 

Spa Treatments

Mademoiselle Cordatum is delighted with 25° C and prefers to stay out of the way of air-conditioners and heater vents. We don’t want wrinkles in her leaves now do we?!

She is typically thirsty, but may have different watering requirements depending on location and humidity. Start by watering once per week, using a spray bottle to replicate a rainforest. Start with about 350ml of water per session. Aim for the centre of the plant so that it filters down to the base. 

For her monthly spa pampering, be sure to book her in for a diluted regular houseplant fertiliser treatment.

If you want this quintessential performer in your home, office or restaurant in Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria – order a Philodendron cordatum today from Door2Door Plants and your new plants will be delivered straight to your door.

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