Transform Your Space into A Jungle Escape With Rare Plant Deliveries in Sydney

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Craving the outdoors? We get it.

There is nothing like being surrounded by plants and greenery to lift your mood and transform your space.

Create your own little sanctuary with rare plants in Sydney easily by opting for online ordering and delivery. Zero hassle, and one hundred percent of the creativity and fun. Are you not that creative or not sure where to start? We have a team of experienced horticulturists standing by to assist you!

Location, Location, Location

The first thing to consider is where you would like to craft your mini jungle. The space should be easy enough to access not only so that you could water it and maintain it but so that you can enjoy it!

You could start with an entire room or even an extra bookshelf – your bathroom may even be the best choice for you. What really matters is that it is a space that will add the jungle zing to your home without stopping you from using your home.

We recommend checking out our most popular plants or rare plants (and keep on eye on our plant auctions for those super rare one-off beauties!). Any plant will help give off those jungle vibes and brighten up your room!

Visual Play And Sensory Engagement

Create an engaging visual story by playing with different textures, pot types, and other structures such as a mini ladder for crawling plants. Incorporate elements of ambient lighting into your indoor garden; use a mixture of wood, metal, and glass as a base for your plants; you can even add a nice rug or reading nook to make the space more inviting and user friendly.

Consider adding a soundtrack of a nature playlist to engage the auditory senses. Mix a variety of scents such as lavender or lemongrass or jasmine to create holistic, invigorating experience.

Great plant ideas for your inside garden is our String of Pearls, Dwarf Umbrella Tree and the Begonia Rex Red for a pop of colour.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Remember to mix different varieties in your collection. Choose plants that require as much attention as you can give them. Are you the type to diligently water your plants in small increments daily or do you prefer a more laid-back maintenance schedule like our String of Dolphins?

Play with different plant sizes and heights to create a true jungle feeling. With easy to order plant delivery in Sydney, you won’t have to worry about transporting your selection – we will take care of it for you with great care.

Personalise It!

Adding in little touches of your life such as specific memoirs from your travels, and interesting artwork, or any other personal object that will lift your mood and jog a memory when you see it, is a fantastic and subtly way of imbuing your haven with your individual personality.

Contact Door2Door Plants on today or shop online to transform your space into a jungle escape with the rare plant deliveries in Sydney.

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