The Ultimate Tips For Thriving Indoor Plants

Plant Care

Is there anything that makes you feel guiltier than a dying house plant?

While nurturing plant life may not come so naturally to some, these tips and tricks, provided by our plant professionals at Door2Door Plants, will keep your indoor plants alive and thriving for longer.

Just The Right Light

Plant placement is very important to get right if you want your indoor plants to thrive. Placement shouldn’t depend just on where your indoor plants look good, the amount of natural light in their placement should be the deciding factor.

The indoor plants that need the most light are usually the ones with the brightest coloured foliage. Turning your plant every day or two in a rotating manner, will ensure even growth of the leaves so that your plant doesn’t bend lopsidedly towards the light with some leaves growing longer than others.

Winter months may require you to move your plants to sunnier spots in your home or sometimes spend a little time outdoors to gain those sun rays. Don’t be afraid to shuffle your plants around until you get the light just right.

Remember to be careful with direct light in the warmer months, you don’t want to burn your plants that are not accustomed to high light levels.

Mist And Shine

Do your plants a favour and get a mist spray bottle. Contrary to popular belief, misting your plants does not increase the humidity but it does keep leaves clean and fresh. Misting also moistens new cuttings. When it comes to misting, its best to mist in the morning and use water that is around room temperature. To keep your leaves nice and shiny, wipe down each leaf gently with a cloth that has been dipped in warm water.

Speaking of H20, be sure to check for water before grabbing that watering can. For most plant species, only water your plant if the soil on top and two inches down is completely dry as you’re sure to kill your beloved green friend if you over water it. Water a little more in summer and a little less during the cooler winter months. Species that like humidity, like ferns or Calatheas, may need watering more frequently.

Repot When Necessary

The best time for repotting your house plants is in spring, just before their seasonal growth spurts. If your pot is too small for its current plant, you’ll notice that new leaves are far smaller than older ones, that roots are beginning to appear above the soil and that the soil dries out very quickly. So, in order to keep your indoor plants growing for longer, repotting them when necessary is essential. In addition, be sure that the new pot has drainage holes at the bottom of it to ensure efficient drainage. Refreshing the soil when repotting will ensure longevity of your indoor plants. Remember to only use a good quality potting mix when repotting.

Show Your Plants Some Love

This may sound crazy but many experiments have shown the benefits of loving your plants by playing them gentle music, talking positively to them and reading to them. This will also give you some one-on-one time with your plants and allow you to see what they may need more or less of.

Old Growth Needs To Be Removed

Just like humans and their haircuts, your indoor plants need a trim as well with old growth needing to be cut away. Pruning your houseplants promotes new growth! And it’s true, your house plants will be happy when not dragged down by their still-attached dead leaves!

Looking for the perfect indoor plants for your home?

Door 2 Door Plants brings gorgeous indoor plants and hard-to-find botanical beauties directly to your door. We’re also here to provide more tips to keep your indoor plants healthy and growing for longer. Contact us today for more information!

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