Rabbits Foot Fern – Fern-cy That, My Plant Has Rabbits Feet!

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Rabbits Foot Fern

Ok we are not going to win an Oscar for best comedy, but we might win a prize for the most unusual plant. The Rabbits Foot Fern was named so due to its furry rhizomes that grow on top of the soil. Yes, they look like a rabbit’s foot initially and then grow over the side of the pot (or moss ball – which is a good option for it) and create a beautiful furry network. On top it is working just as hard with gracefully arching fronds that grow 35 to 50cm long.

Some people take the name one step further and call the plant, Thumper. 🐰

rabbits foot fern macro detail


Bunny or Thumper, as you wish, has an elegant head of fronds, which dramatically arch over in a beautiful display. Its cute, furry feet start peeking out from the bottom – cheeky!  A fern always gives a classic elegance to an interior and this one, with its furry feet, will sit well in an eclectic interior as well.

The rhizome feet should always be left on top of the soil, not buried.  They consume moisture and nutrients as they travel across the soil.

Unlike some fussier relatives, the Rabbits Foot Fern is easy to look after. Even so, we would propose keeping it in a space that is a little humid or if that is not possible, mist it regularly with water. Misting can turn into quite a Zen, tai chi kind of activity.


Ferns make fabulous wet room/bathroom plants if kept near a good source of light, with medium to bright indirect light. They are used to living on the mulchy, damp floor of the forest bathed in the shade of the sun glowing treetops. Direct light will burn the leaves and too little light will make it look anaemic.

rabbits foot fern new growth

Water & Humidity

Water regularly and deeply once a week. This may need to be adjusted depending on the environment you are keeping it in. Your strong little Thumper can cope with lower humidity than most ferns, but it’s still a fern. Moist is good, waterlogged is bad.

Feed this little bunny once or twice in summer with fertilizer. Don’t overfeed it or you will cause yellow spots on the leaves.


When your bunny becomes a rabbit, re-potting will be on the cards. Use a standard potting mix (indoor) and if the environment is dryer than normal, the fern likes some peat for great moisture retention. 

And remember, do NOT ever bury the rhizomes under the soil. For propagation you can also gently split the rhizome apart if you look for its natural division spots.

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