Indoor Plant Styling Tips: How To Arrange Your Plants

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Indoor plants give life to any interior space and have become the star of the show when it comes to modern interior design. They offer so many benefits, such as creating a calm atmosphere, which is excellent for stress relief and even helping to purify the very air you breathe in during the day.

Now that you’ve got your plant babies, you may be wondering how to style them in such a way to achieve maximum aesthetic appeal in your home. Well, we’ve got you covered – keep reading for some handy tips on how to fit them effortlessly into any interior space. 

A Pop Of Colour 

Indoor plants will add an exciting pop of greenery and a picturesque appeal to your indoor environment. But why not go one step further? There is a vast array of interesting plant species, some of which also manage to produce astonishing, colourful or patterned leaves. Having a pop of pink will naturally complement other plants’ green foliage, or you could opt for a plant with an interesting pattern to help give the room a textural boost. 

Some of our most popular vibrant plants to choose from:

Arrange Large Plants In Larger Areas 

When figuring out the placement for your plant babies, we would suggest starting by considering room size in ratio with the size of your plant. Bigger spaces are great for larger plants such as the Ficus Lyrata, as they will still add to the ambiance while remaining unobstructed. Smaller areas such as studies or windowsills are the best spots for smaller plants such as cacti and succulents. Consider large, empty corners and filling those up with big plants to soften up the environment. 

Here’s two big beauties that will look right at home in larger space:

Create Groups Of Complimentary Plants 

Choose plants that have dissimilar foliage shapes and shades of colour to create a more dramatic effect. This will enhance the plants themselves and produce an interesting texture in any area of your home such as a open corner. As bigger trees can be a bit on the pricier side, we recommend placing three plants with complementary styles and varying pot heights or sizes for a gorgeous corner arrangement. 

Create Clusters Instead of Lines 

Although a straight line of any type of decor doesn’t necessarily look bad, it could be taken a step further and made into something that will wow visitors. There are alternative ways to accentuate the beauty of your indoor plants, and one of these ways is to cluster them in an unusual formation. One method is to place the larger plants in the background and situate the smaller, more delicate plants in the foreground. You can also play with heights and sizes by putting some on shelves or tables or by purchasing taller or shorter pots. 

Try these for smaller plants with interesting textures:

With so many handy tips on how to style your indoor pot plants and an abundance of gorgeous options available, who could blame you if you’re dying to start your collection right away?

Start shopping for your perfect plant OR get in touch if you would like us to help you create a custom indoor jungle!

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