How to grow Tolmiea menziesii aka “Piggyback Plants”

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When A Low Light Plant Becomes Your Highlight

The Piggyback Plant is aptly named (more on that later) but we also think it could have a much more glamorous name. Its flowers are tiny but gor-gee-ous!  Rosetta from Tinkerbell would wear them as jaw-dropping cocktail dress in a flash. They grow on a raceme, aka stalk, like an orchid and have rich vibrant colours.

Tubular shaped with tendrils elegantly bowing from the petals on stalks that are 1 to 3 feet tall! The leaves that look like grape vine leaves are plush like velvet giving the plant an overall richness in appearance. And it loves the shade. Win, win, win.

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

So how does the Piggyback Plant grow?  As we said, it loves the shade. It would make a good ground cover in a shaded, moist spot in a garden. Sun is not its friend.  This makes it perfect as an indoor plant, whether in a hanging pot or on a vertical, living wall.

The plant needs to be moist throughout, not drowning though, just moist. The root ball, in particular, dislikes drying out. Water a little, regularly, rather than sporadic drenching.  Spraying or misting is a good option as this elegant lady likes moisturiser (water) on her leaves. Don’t drench it, just enough to increase the humidity (very similar to caring for an orchid).

How To Grow More Of These Showstoppers

Now we get to discuss the Piggyback name.  It grows new leaves out of the base of the existing leaves i.e. piggybacking on the existing ones. These unique leaves can be snipped off (the mature ones) and planted directly into the soil.  Within about 2 weeks it will take, and a new leaf should start piggybacking.

If you are less inclined to be botanically talented, don’t have time to grow a nursery of Tolmiea menziesii or immediately want a shady spot decorated or ground covered – then order a Tolmiea menziesii from Door2Door Plants today. We’ll send you one of these luscious Tolmiea menziesii right to your door.

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