How To Care For Your Peperomia Plants

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Peperomias are one of the few plants that offer non-green options for an indoor jungle.  From light grey to dark grey, lily-type stamens of textured cream, sunlit red wine, burgundy and aubergine – that is a huge colour palette from one plant! And that, dear plant people, is why we adore them.

To keep these beauties performing at their best, here are the top tips for caring for Peperomias.

How To Care For Your Peperomia Plants


As these living artists’ palettes are found on the forest floor in their natural habitat, they are perfect for indoor jungle building. They are happy to boost your décor in lower light conditions and in your medium light rooms but will thrive and grow best in bright indirect sunlight. This makes them perfect for 90 percent of the spots inside a home, office, restaurant or hotel.

As with all forest floor plants, they must be kept away from direct sunlight. Even your gorgeous outdoor, undercover alfresco dining area or patio lounge will be a good spot for these beauties.  Just observe where the direct sunlight falls and keep them away from that spot.


These tropical girls prefer the warmer side of life. While they like warmth, they will easily tolerate the cooler climates of the southern states. We recommend that the temperatures should be above 10 degrees Celsius but if you want the perfect temperature range for your Peperomia, then aim for between 18 and 25.

If the outdoor temperature goes below 10 degrees during winter, then move your Peperomia off the patio and inside for winter peaks.


Watering every 1-2 weeks is the general rule but do allow the soil to dry out between watering.  If you have positioned your Peperomia in a brighter light area, then expect to water more often and, of course, less often in lower light.

When the top of the soil feels bone dry, water the plant deeply. Let the pot drain completely at your sink, and never allow the plant to stand in water. Wet roots are its enemy. 

In winter, water sparingly as the humidity in the air is higher. Allow more time between each watering, so the soil has time to dry a bit more than usual.

Do not kill your plants with kindness by overwatering 😉


Peperomias are an absolute breeze to look after. A lovely bit of “spa treatment” for them is to give their leaves a wipe over every now and then. They will look rejuvenated and can “breathe” easier with all the house dust removed.

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Helping to save the planet one plant at a time!

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