Choosing The Right Indoor Plant For Your Home

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Indoor plant shopping can be a very exciting outing, but it’s important to ensure that you choose plants that are right for your home or your attempts to go green, will go brown.

And while you may want to include every plant under the sun, some plants flourish under the sun…but rot away under roofs.

Remember that different indoor plants require different environments and different levels of care. If you’re buying indoor plants directly from the nursery, you may need to wean them off the nursery environment for a few months until they can survive under the conditions of your home.

At Door2Door Plants we ‘harden’ our plants by growing them in temperatures closer to those felt outdoors. This ensures that our plants are already acclimatised to a colder house in winter and a warmer house in summer, so your plant won’t suffer during transit or when it arrives at your door. Your plants will fit in much faster and be much happier than the average nursery plant.

As professional indoor plant suppliers and specialists, we have come up with some tips and advice with regards to choosing the right indoor plants for your home.

Add To Your Interior Décor With The Right Pots

While indoor plants should definitely not be chosen for their looks alone, plants are ultimately part of your home décor and should suit your personal, interior style. You’ll be surprised by just how much the plants in your home can add to the overall appeal of your design aesthetic.

The pots used for various indoor plants can also play a role in their overall look. It’s best to invest in quality, ceramic pots instead of cheap, plastic ones. Create a tropical jungle paradise with ferns and palms, or a modern, crisp look with succulents and other sculptural plants. It’s all up to you!

Can You Handle The Maintenance?

Plants, much like pets, require care. Some plants require more care than others. You definitely don’t want to see your indoor plants die in front of your eyes, so if you’re not at home much, or not sure if you have the time and energy to care for high-maintenance plants, you may want to go for something easy like a cactus or other succulent.

Here’s some easy plants to get started with:

  1. Epipremnum (Devils Ivy or Snow Queen) is a beautiful trailing/climbing option.
  2. Pilea Peperomioides is the perfect little, upright plant for small spaces.
  3. Ficus elastica (Burgundy, Tineke or Lemon and Lime) is another upright plant that will grow larger.

Too Hot Or Too Cold; No, Just Right

Where you’re planning to put your chosen indoor plants depends on the temperature of the designated room. During spring or summer, pretty much every room will be fine for your indoor plant as the room temperature is warmer. Cold rooms, cold drafts and sudden drops of temperature during the evening can badly affect indoor plants so steer away from these low temperature rooms.

Choose Plants For The Light Conditions In Your Home

Know how much light each of the rooms in your home receives before picking your indoor plants. A plant that does not receive the right amount of light will not thrive in your home. If a plant isn’t doing well in a spot that you thought it would, try shuffling it to a few new spots instead of giving up on it.

Plants that are more shade-tolerant usually have larger, darker leaves. Plants that need more sunlight usually have brightly, coloured or patterned leaves. Ensure that you know the light requirements of your desired plant before you make the purchase.

Looking for the perfect indoor plants for your home?

Door2Door Plants brings gorgeous indoor plants and hard-to-find botanical beauties directly to your door. Visit the Shop or contact us today for more information and advice.

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